ChildLight Yoga for Children Teacher Training (Basic)

An inspiring training for those who wish to share yoga with children ages 2 - 12 years


ChildLight Yoga for Children Teacher Training is an incredibly fun, interactive and educational experience! A passion for yoga and a love for children is at the core of this training. This comprehensive kids' yoga teacher training program is designed to provide yoga practitioners with the tools and knowledge needed to share the gifts of yoga with children.

Training addresses teaching yoga to children ages 2-teens with a concentration on ages 2-12yrs. Whether you are seeking to incorporate what you learn into your current work with children, or whether you are looking to teach yoga to children as a career, the CLY Teacher Training will provide you with the information and inspiration necessary to begin doing so immediately.

Training Group PhotoWho should attend:

The CLY TT is open to yoga teachers and yoga students (1+ yrs. yoga practice) who LOVE children, including:

  • preschool - grade 8 educators
  • physical education and health education teachers
  • school or family counselors
  • child psychologists
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • physical therapists
  • camp counselors
  • recreation directors
  • pediatricians
  • and any others who regularly work with children

Training The CLY training curriculum includes the 
following useful and time-tested information:

  • breathing exercises appropriate for children
  • loads of child-friendly yoga poses
  • relaxation techniques & visualizations for children
  • creating and using themes and stories
  • best practices for teaching different age groups
  • yoga games
  • partner & group poses
  • kid-friendly songs and chants
  • simple creative movement routines
  • prop suggestions
  • class setting adaptations/considerations
  • lesson planning/sequencing
  • incorporating music, songs, crafts, books and yogic themes
  • how to best prepare for class
  • tips for improvising
  • adaptations for special groups: special needs children, teens, families, etc.
  • behavior management techniques that support a loving, non-competitive environment and encourage respect for self and others
  • possible observation of a sample ChildLight Yoga class (live or via video)
  • opportunities for both practice teaching and 'being' the child/student
  • marketing and business tips
  • thorough list of useful resources and much more.

Participants will also leave with a variety of sample lesson plans as part of the overall ChildLight Yoga teacher training manual, dubbed 'the bible of kids' yoga' by past participants. You will leave the training feeling joyful and uplifted having spent the weekend 'playing' yoga!


Training Exercises

Training Schedule:

The CLY Teacher Training is a 2.5-day intensive course, typically held on a weekend, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, though some summer trainings may be offered during the week. Specific hours will vary based on the availability of the host studio/training location (please check the schedule). There will be breaks for lunch and/or dinner, with local eatery suggestions provided. For those traveling from out of town, some lovely, reasonably-priced lodging suggestions can also be provided - please inquire.

Certification Requirements:
Certification is optional. Requirements include the completion of a take-home exam and the facilitation of at least 3 community classes in your own community.  A detailed certification packet will be reviewed with the group at the close of the training. Certification will be granted upon successful completion of the above. All Certified ChildLight Yoga Instructors (CCLYI) will be listed on the Find an Instructor Near You page of the CLY website with location and contact information provided. CCLYIs are invited to continue on to the CLY Advanced Training.  


 Basic ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training Course Includes:

  • 18 contact hours, 10 optional non-contact hours for certification  
  • Comprehensive, fully-illustrated ChildLight Yoga Instructor Manual (dubbed the 'bible of kids' yoga' by former training participants) and many useful handouts
  • Yoga for Children, by Lisa Flynn
  • I Grow With Yoga  CD of yoga songs for children
  • Certification administration and materials
  • Listing on CLY's Find an Instructor Near You page with location and email contact link
  • Membership in the CLY Instructor community with benefits which include discounts on continuing education trainings, and much more.
  • 25 hours toward the ChildLight Yoga 95 hour program (18 contact + 8 non contact as allowed by the Yoga Alliance organization)

Group PhotoCEUs, PDPs, and Yoga Alliance credit hours:

  • Registered yoga teachers are eligible for continuing education contact hours through Yoga Alliance.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or Professional Development Points (PDPs) may also be available through your employer. As each credentialing organization has their own requirements, you should confirm with them that your training hours will apply toward your degree or continuing education requirements. Application for accreditation from these organizations is your responsibility. Additional fees may be required.

For important information including Recommended Reading and what to bring to this training visit our FAQ page here.  

Training Feedback:

"Isn't it amazing how one short weekend can change a life??" ~ S.A.

"I feel fully equipped with all the tools and resources to share yoga with children - amazing training that I will be recommending to everyone I know who wants to share the gifts of yoga with kids - thank you!"
~ N.P.

"I learned so much this weekend. I learned I am stronger than I ever thought possible. That "no" is not an option but "I will try" is a chorus. I learned that women of all walks of life not only rule the world but they create the beautiful people in it. I learned my new mantra is yoga is not a religion but you can and should practice it religiously. I am a yoga woman, I am beautiful, strong, confident, a goddess and you should hear me roar.... come join me.... watch out I'm creating future leaders over here." ~ L.A.

"I came into this training expecting to gain knowledge, insight and connections. I been so moved by the inspiration, the ideas, the passion and energy of all who participated. I honestly received more tools and resources than I ever could have imagined." ~ S.T.

"The training provided me personal and professional development, allowing me to build confidence in my ability to teach others about yoga and mindfulness practices.  It also strengthened my resolve in integrating these practices into my own life and my role as a teacher.  I had some fear I would not be able to complete the physical part of the training. I learned that I could do some things I did not think I could! And also that for those poses that are beyond my reach I can still practice a modified version or pause and focus on my breath." ~ M.T.

"The manual is so comprehensive and well-organized. Love the structure and pictures. Will be my go to guide!"
~ A.G.

"Just loved taking part in an 'actual' kids' yoga class to experience the flow of a class!" ~ T.W.

"As a 30+ year educator, I have attended A LOT of trainings and workshops. This is by far the best, most inspiring workshop I've ever attended. I can't wait to use all that I've learned." ~ J. M.

"I learned as much for my adult classes as for kids - can't wait to infuse my classes with a bit of PLAY and community-building." ~ A.T.

"Your manual is best I've seen - the Bible of kids' yoga!" ~ S.N.

"Valuable, transformative, powerful work!" ~ R.B.

"Just the right amount of movement, practice, review of written information. Trainer was dynamic - a real pleasure!" ~ L.C.

"I'm already a kids' yoga teacher and learned so much more this weekend. Loads of fun! SO much info shared and lots to refresh and enhance my teaching. Can't wait to put it into play!" R. G.

"The manual is a great tool (Art Piece!!) that has all I need. Illustrated with examples and well structured which is perfect for me since I like structure and to know where to find more information." ~ A.M.

"Really appreciated the balanced integration of didactic instruction with experiential learning - well done!" ~ K.U.

"I have attended other children's yoga trainings leaving feeling unconfident about putting together a class kids would not just benefit from, but ENJOY. I got that here and SO MUCH more. The ideas that we played with during class and practicing sample lessons filled me with much needed confidence. Thank you!" ~ S.D.

"I loved the yoga made kid-friendly, the games, lesson plans, music, affirmations, laughter and much info in a short period of time! Thanks for fitting it all in. I'll be processing for weeks and yet I feel inspired and refreshed, not drained as I often feel after trainings. Having this amazing manual for ongoing reference is an amazing bonus! Sign me up for Level 2!" ~ C.N.

"I am a 38 year veteran with a degree in early childhood and social work and I find your program incredibly easy to use and so much fun. More importantly, it works for all ages! I'm incorporating yoga in my enrichment program everyday. I'm using all I learned form Sharon and your amazing ChildLight yoga program. I'm going to do the online Yoga 4 Classrooms workshop too...I love it. With sincere gratitude," ~ Marie

"In September I took a weekend training and wanted to let you know how well my business is taking off!  I am now retired from teaching special education and started teaching yoga for kids.  I teach 5 classes per week, 4 at our community rec center (4 different age groups) and 1 at a private home.  A mom contacted me and was able to organize her neighborhood so now I see 8 preschoolers in her home 1x weekly!  And in January I will be expanding and teaching 10 classes a week.  I will be doing an after school program for the local school district 3x weekly for 10 weeks. People have been contacting me for one time events also.  I have had to turn down people because I don't want to work everyday!  As far as I know, my yoga for kids is the only offering in my area. I am having so much fun and am really enjoying retirement.  My former school district recently contacted me, wanted me to come back as a substitute and I had to say  "NO. I am too busy teaching yoga!"  Take care and thanks for your wonderful program.  By the way, Lisa, I bought your book and I have been recommending it to all of my families." ~ L.S.

"Although I'm sure you get tons emails about how wonderful the ChildLight program is, I just want to add my name to the list!  Since taking your foundation workshop in Flagstaff, Arizona last September I have been implementing your children's yoga program in my 3 after- school classes at the elementary schools.  The children especially love your CD's while doing their yoga poses and of course, partner poses are always fun!  I refer back to your book and teacher manual often in writing my lesson plans.  GREAT program! Hopefully, I can attend the Part 2 training sometime soon!" ~ R.K.

"Thanks so much for a fabulous weekend, Jen... I can tell you that it far, far, far exceeded my expectations.  I plan to get certified and as you said, make my garden grow!  But in the meantime, the training has also helped my life as a mom - just little things I've done with my kids since the training, and my general attitude shift after being filled with the hope and joy that was present in that room.  So thank you, thank you for making that happen! With gratitude, Helena"

"I loved the training and have taken so much away both in teaching kids yoga classes but also in my profession. I'm a mental health therapist
for kids and families and this training has proven to be an invaluable resource." ~ Grace

"I completed my Level 1 ChildLight training last spring, and I have since started my own little business offering yoga in various locations around my area. I wanted to extend my gratitude for the amazing gift you have given me!! I am so overwhelmingly happy to be sharing yoga with youngsters, and your training has made it possible. THANK YOU!!" ~ Cayce

"You are amazing! I spent a wonderful ChildLight weekend in March with Sally Delisle and am so very happy to have experienced the training. Sally was warm, knowledgeable and great fun! After a very difficult year, losing my father to cancer and feeling uninspired with my career path, I left the training feeling rejuvenated and hopeful on a new path. ChildLight Yoga is such a thorough curriculum that teaches to the whole child. As an educator, who has written curriculum and implemented many other reading, writing, and math curriculum, your manual is the most user friendly ever! and a pleasure to read! Your voice comes through the pages. Thank you for being such an inspiration!" ~ L.k.

"Your training has opened up great possibilities for me being a stay at home mom and teaching preschool yoga during the week. It has been challenging, but fun and I am so thankful for all the great ideas, songs, and lesson plans your program provides. The Facebook group has been a wonderful addition as well. So many people willing to share their creativity and ideas!!! Love it and am beyond thankful for it." ~ N.C.

"The ChildLight yoga curriculum is so easy to adapt and children respond to it's well-rounded curriculum. With my 35+ years of experience and your program things are going in a perfect direction. Recently, I added a girl time yoga class to my plan and my principal is ready to help write a grant. For me, this is a new found passion... I know it helps children and supports families and communities. I'm getting ready to do Yoga 4 Classrooms online as well. I wanted to take a minute to thank you and all of the amazing folks who put this program together." ~ Marie

"I just wanted to touch base after the wonderful training! I had a wonderful experience and raved to all of my teacher & therapist friends about your program. I am truly impressed by both your knowledge and approach! I did a modified version (shortened & paced accordingly) for an autistic support preschool class and had wonderful reviews and response. Even some of the more skeptical want to start a yoga program in our special needs program." ~ Rachel

"What a great resource the Childlight instructor manual has been! It is significantly more comprehensive than the binder I received for my RYT 200 hour manual!" ~ B.M.

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To schedule a public or private ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training at your studio, center or for your group, please complete a Host Studio application here.





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with Meg Durkin

Dates: October 7-9, 2016
Times: Fri 5pm-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm Sun 8am-3pm

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with Jen Mueller 
October 7-9. 2016
Fri 4:30-8:30, Sat 9-6, Sun 8:30-3:30

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with Sally Delisle

Dates: October 28-30, 2016
Times: Fri 5-9, Sat 9-6, Sun 9-4

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with Meg Durkin
 Nov 5-6, 2016

Times: Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 8am-6pm 

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with Ann Biese
Dates: January 20-22, 2017
Times: Fri 5pm-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm Sun 8am-3:00pm

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with Meg Durkin

Dates: January 21-22, 2017
Times: Sat 9-6pm, Sun 9-6pm

Note: This training is immediately preceeded by a Yoga4Classrooms Professional Development Workshop, and followed by the ChildLight Yoga In Schools Training.

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with Jen Mueller
Dates: January 27-29, 2017
Times: Fri 4:30-8:30pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-4pm

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with Meg Durkin
Dates: March 3-5, 2017
Times: Fri 5-9pm; Sat 11:30-8:30pm; Sun 11:30-6:30pm

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with Meg Durkin
Dates: May 6-7, 2017
Times: Sat 8am-6:00pm, Sun 8am-6:00pm

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