Mom & Daughter Yoga Retreats

For girls in Grades K-6 with their "moms" or other adult female role model

Join us for our monthly Mom & Daughter "retreats" designed to foster mutual respect, positive communication, and trust between moms (or any adult female role model) and daughters as we learn yoga techniques and have a ton of fun!

Activities may include:

Partner Yoga, Restorative Postures, Yoga Flow, Breathwork, Yoga Games, Mandalas, Arts & Crafts … and much more!

Come away with a new perspective of each other and many healthy and peaceful ideas to practice at home.  No yoga experience is necessary.

What to Bring / Wear:
It is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat to prevent the spread of germs, as well as a water bottle with a spouted lid. Note that we do have public mats available for use and some also for sale for as little as $10. Dress for movement.



Upcoming Workshops

$30/pair per workshop (includes materials)

Instructor: TBD


Date: TBD



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