Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Understanding Trauma, How it Impacts Children, and Why Yoga Can Help


As a yoga instructor, therapist, teacher, or anyone who regularly serves children, it is almost certain that you will encounter children who have experienced trauma in their young lives.

This introductory one-day workshop will present information on the two main types of trauma experienced by children, the basics of the neuroscience of trauma, signs, symptoms and common misdiagnoses, how to make your classes more trauma-informed, how yoga can be part of the healing process, and self-care. It includes practical tools presented in both lecture and experiential format. 

Who should attend: Childlight-13This workshop is open to yoga teachers and yoga students (1+ yrs. yoga practice) who work with children, including:

  • preschool - grade 12 educators
  • physical education and health education teachers
  • school or family counselors
  • child psychologists
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • physical therapists
  • speech therapists
  • camp counselors
  • recreation directors
  • pediatricians
  • and any others who regularly work with children

Knee to chest-CMThe workshop curriculum includes:

  • Common types of trauma experienced by children including the difference between PTSD and Complex Trauma.
  • The many ways that symptoms of trauma may present in children.
  • The effects of trauma on the physical body and the brain
  • Introduction to the ACES Inventory
  • Why yoga can be an important healing modality for children
  • Yoga-based activities found to be particularly beneficial for managing trauma
  • Suggestions for making your yoga classes and other interactions with children safe and comfortable for children who have experienced trauma
  • How to best support a child who has been 'triggered'
  • Lecture format and experiential exercises 

It is not necessary to be a Registered Adult Yoga Teacher (RYT) or complete our 95 hour RCYS program in order to attend our trainings. Candidates who successfully complete the certification process will be listed as a Certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor on our website.


"It was so vitally informative that I'm constantly re-thinking my approach to cues & assists w/kids. The other important thing to note is that it goes beyond kids into teaching yoga to adults. I came away from this thoroughly convinced that EVERY YOGA TEACHER SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO TAKE THIS!" ~ DD

"The facilitation of the workshop was very good. The presenters were very knowledgeable and well informed.”
 Patty Lavey

“Very good overall information. This was a good introduction for me as someone who had no background in trauma.” Kathie Bowen

“Amazing workshop!” Michelle Desjardins, OTR/L 

“I have experience working with lots of at risk youth. This was a great way to confirm that yoga is a great resource for children who have experienced trauma.” Melissa Nutting

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Date: November 17, 2017
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Note: This workshop immediately precedes the Yoga & Mindfulness for Children: Advanced Teaching Concepts training.

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ChildLight Yoga Studio
Date: July 16, 2018
Time: 8am-4pm
Note: This workshop is part of our Summer Intensive and immediately precedes our Yoga & Mindfulness for Children & Teens with Special Needs training

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