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yogaforbirthYoga For Birth
This workshop is designed for pregnant women and their labor support partners.  At Yoga for Birth, you will learn a very specific sequence of breathing techniques and yoga postures that are adapted to the physical and emotional changes of the different stages of labor and will enable you to manage contractions from a calm, meditative and controlled perspective.  READ MORE >



pfilates logoPelvic Floor Pilates
Pelvic floor exercise is vital to treat or prevent pelvic floor issues in women such as incontinence, prolapse, etc. Pfilates or Pelvic Floor Pilates, created by uro-gynecologyst Bruce Crawford, is a revolutionary exercise program that uses 10 movements to effectively train and rehabilitate pelvic floor musclesREAD MORE >




Mom & Daughter Retreat
Join us for our monthly Mom & Daughter "retreats" designed to foster mutual respect, positive communication, and trust between moms (or any adult female role model) and daughters as we learn yoga techniques and have a ton of fun! READ MORE >



Family Yoga Workshops

To be Determined READ MORE >


Yoga for Children:  200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children, by Lisa Flynn


"Play with the practices in this book and bolster your child's resilience and self-esteem as you enhance your relationship." ~ Amy Weintraub

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