Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Athletes Workshop

Enhancing Traditional Athletic Training with Mindfulness and Yoga

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According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of an athlete is "An individual who participates in sports characterized by dedication, focus, intelligence and work ethic." The benefits of participation in youth athletics are many, however specialization in a single sport at a young age may lead to an increased risk of injury and unnecessary psychological stress.   

Created by two experienced youth yoga instructors who will share a variety of best practices for integrating yoga and mindfulness into a training regimen. This introductory one-day workshop will include group discussion, facilitated brainstorming, and a sampling of yoga and mindfulness practices for athletes.  Materials will include anatomy focused lesson plans appropriate for group and individualized athletics.  Practical tools will be presented in both lecture and experiential format. 

Qtown T&F spring 2015_copyThis workshop is open to anyone with 1+ years of yoga experience who are interested in working with youth athletes, including:

  • yoga teachers
  • grade 6+ educators, parents and coaches
  • physical education and health education teachers
  • school or family counselors
  • child psychologists
  • camp counselors
  • recreation directors
  • and any others who regularly work with youth athletes

    Qtown T&F 2015CURRICULUM 
  • Define the words yoga, mindfulness, and ‘athlete’
  • Benefits of yoga & mindfulness practices for athletes and the team dynamic
  • Best practices in a myriad of settings
  • Creating a personalized action plan for gaining athlete, coach, and parent buy-in for integrating yoga into a training regimen
  • How to appropriately incorporate yoga philosophy into traditional athletic training
  • Incorporate team building activities specific to athletic teams
  • Develop anatomy-focused and sport-specific sequences designed to support the needs of athletes

It is strongly suggested that those interested in working with athletes and/or interested in certification attend Yoga & Mindfulness for Children,  Yoga & Mindfulness for Tweens and Teens  and consider acquiring a 200 hour yoga certification in addition to attending this introductory workshop.  It is not required to be a Registered Adult Yoga Teacher (RYT) or complete our 95 hour RCYS program in order to attend our trainings.  For questions contact our Director of Trainings.  

$165, includes cost of materials. Click here for Scholarship Opportunities & Group Discounts which are available on a limited basis.
Have you taken a ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training and need a refresher? Re-take any training for $100. A new manual will be an additional cost.



"I got so much out of the training...the wheels in my head are turning with so many ideas and thoughts.  I can't wait to put them into practice.  ..I felt it was a great balance of lecture, activity, questions, creative thinking, sharing of thoughts and ideas.  For me, it touched on all the different ways individuals learn.  Loved it! Thank you for making this training session happen." ~ C.S.


"Experiences and manual gave beneficial tools to draw from." - S.E.


"The information on anatomy, practical training and resources was wonderful."  ~ M.W.

"I do feel more confident to do this kind of work. Ann has great energy, was fun, knowledgeable and supportive." ~ J.B.


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ChildLight Yoga Studio
October 19, 2018
Fri 8am-3:30pm
Check-Out: The Yoga & Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens Teacher Training happening at this same location, immediately following this workshop!

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