Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training

Share yoga with teens and adolescents.

Yoga 4 Teens Book CoverThis training is designed for yoga instructors, yoga practitioners or parents with yoga experience who want to learn how to teach yoga to teens.  The 3 day course focuses on developing skills to inspire, engage and connect to teens as well as creating an effective classroom for this age group. This course includes a yoga practicum session that will allow participants to practice, with the guidance of an expert, the Yoga4Teens techniques they learned during the Teacher Training session. 

This course is based on the book: Yoga 4 Teens, An Instructor’s Guide to Teaching Yoga to Teenagers, a separate purchase highly recommended for the training.  Attendants will receive 30% discount PROMO code for purchase of the book. In addition, participants will have FREE access to the webinar, Teaching Yoga to Teenagers: Principles and Practicalities.

Teens Stretch UpTopics covered include:

  • Why yoga for teens
  • Differences in yoga for adults vs teens
  • Latest research on the adolescent brain and its implications for teaching yoga
  • Setting objectives and identifying with teens
  • Principles and practicalities for managing teens in the yoga classroom
  • Yoga philosophy in teen terms
  • Classroom space and props for teaching
  • Teen approach to asana: specific recommendations for sun salutation, balancing poses, calming poses, inversions, restoratives
  • Teen approach to pranayama
  • Sequencing poses for an effective class
  • Cautions and safety recommendations
  • Language and dress considerations
  • Appropriate partner activities
  • Live teen class observation
  • Practice teaching

    Teen Yoga Teacher Training Nov 2010 005The training’s purpose for new teachers is to build an effective approach to properly relate to teens. The training’s purpose for experienced teachers is to provide an environment of reflection and facilitate further growth and improved teaching skills.

    Certificate:  Participants will receive a YogaMinded certificate and hours count towards Yoga Alliance general training hours.

    Training Feedback:

    “This workshop is a MUST if you are thinking of teaching teens.”

    “I would emphatically recommend this training. Christy is a gifted and wonderful teacher. I learned a great deal from the material we covered and even more from just being around her for a couple of days. Very inspiring!”

    “This training is top notch.”

    ”I loved this workshop and found all of it useful. I definitely recommend it. A fabulous experience that can even enhance teaching skills to adults”

    ”Seeing Christy in action with her sense of humor and experience was very beneficial. She believes strongly in the work and can impart the knowledge to others.”

    ”This workshop definitely met my expectations. It has given me the confidence I needed to explore and look for opportunities to teach teens."

    “This is a great workshop and focused learning session that applies specifically to teaching teens and such a great forum for discussion of the joys and challenges of teaching them.  It’s also a wonderful way to bring your body and mind into the right space (so much better than “just” a book or short session.)”

    “I would absolutely recommend this workshop.  Christy is an amazing teacher’s teacher, inspiring to watch and a tremendous wealth of knowledge.  We learned not just how to instruct a teen yoga class but how to reach them.”

    For more information, read Christy recent blog post,  'Interested in Teaching Yoga to Teens?'

Christy photoFaculty:
Christy Brock Miele is the co-author of Yoga 4 Teens, An Instructor's Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers and founder of, a website devoted to supporting yoga for teenagers.  Christy has 18 years experience teaching teenagers yoga in a variety of settings, including youth shelters, summer camps, yoga studios, and schools. She is inspired to support others in their quest for reaching teens and to impart her experience of this meaningful work.  Christy resides in southern California with her husband and two daughters.




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