Family Yoga 

A yoga-based adventure for the whole family, ages 5 - 100.

familyThis special family yoga class is designed to bring busy families together!  Individual and partner/group work offer opportunities for strengthening family bonds while promoting individual growth.  Class content will vary but may include yoga-based activities, yoga postures, games, partner work, compassionate touch, discussions and art, as well as the opportunity to reflect together and rest through visualization and relaxation. 



What to Bring/Wear: 
We recommend bringing your own yoga mat if you have one (one for each family member) for hygienic reasons.  Otherwise, we have plenty to borrow at the studio, as well as mats for sale for as little as $10. Please dress for movement and bring a water bottle with a spouted top.



Upcoming Workshops

All tuition prices include one child and parent or guardian.  Add a sibling for half the tuition.


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Yoga Children Book Cover

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