Deep Core Nourishment for Postnatal Balance Workshop

A 3-hour retreat designed specifically for moms in their first weeks up to 9 months after giving birth.

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Feeling overwhelmed as you try to adjust to a new rhythm, support your own digestive health as well as your baby's, nurture yourself physically and emotionally, and find time to rest? 

Are you breastfeeding and unsure as to which foods to nourish yourself with and which ones to avoid?

Ready to exercise, lose your baby weight and gain back strength?

We invite you to give yourself the gift of nurturance, rest and healing as you embark on this new relationship with yourself and your baby. Treat yourself to my workshop for moms, which focuses on helping the body to heal physically emotionally and energetically. This 3-hour retreat is designed specifically for moms in their first weeks up to 9 months after giving birth.

The days, weeks, months after childbirth mark a powerful transition period for both the mother and child. Although each birth and recovery are unique, all women share universal challenges as they attempt to settle into a new rhythm, regain strength and energy, and find balance within. A woman needs to focus on nourishing herself and the baby as the demands can feel overwhelming, especially as she is battling sleep deprivation.  

 If you are a new mom, holistic self-care practices are invaluable to your postpartum experience, helping you heal on a deep level and discover inner calm, even in the tougher moments.

Instructor: Annie Wagoner

As a mom of two young children and a woman who experienced various challenges in postpartum, I recognize the importance of having help, support and resources around. You are NOT alone!  In my role as a Holistic Health Counselor and Yoga Teacher, I am deeply passionate about health and healing, and I am especially excited about working with women to tap into their core aliveness and begin a process of deep nourishment.  I am committed to this workshop and intend to make it personal, appealing, nurturing and convenient by:

  • providing simple, nourishing snacks & recipes, enriching for breastfeeding mothers
  • providing wholesome & easy homemade baby food recipes (when baby is ready)
  • providing tips for daily nurturance including ayurvedic practices, gentle restorative yoga, pranayam/breathing exercises, core-strengthening exercises, positive intention-setting/meditation & other holistic tools that promote self-care




Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday, May 3, 2015, 1-3pm

Tuition: $85/workshop

Instructor: Annie Wagoner


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