FAQ's - Studio

What are your hours of operation?

Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.  Studio is open during all class times. For class schedules, visit the studio programs section of our website. 

What to bring/wear:

All Classes

Dress for movement. It is recommended you bring your own yoga mat with you to class. We do have a limited amount of mats for use or you can purchase one from our boutique.  Bring a water bottle (filtered water is available to refill).  Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or scents.  All cell phones should be turned off or if on call placed on silent and left outside the studio space (please notify your instructor if you are an on call doctor, nurse, or EMT).  Classes begin on time, so please plan to arrive well before the start time of class to allow yourself and/or your child plenty of time to settle in. 

Bring Your Baby and Peace Baby Yoga - In addition please bring an extra blanket for your baby to lie or sit on, and a small toy.

Tot Itsy Bitsy Yoga and Little Family Yoga - Yoga mats are not used for this class. Ideally, all unnecessary items should be left outside of the studio space during class time. This includes food, bottles/sippy cups, toys.

Summer Camps - Due to allergies/special dietary needs, campers should bring their own healthy snack, lunch, and drinks each day.  Filtered water for water bottle refills is available.  More information regarding what to bring and other camp details will be provided by the camp counselor via email at least 1 week prior to camp start dates.

What should I expect if it is my first time?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to meet your instructor, fill out a waiver, and get to know the studio. This will allow you time to ask questions, as well as set up before class starts.

I'm pregnant. Is yoga safe for me?

During pregnancy, yoga can help strengthen the body and mind for labor, as well as ease nausea, back pain and swelling.  As with any exercise program during pregnancy, you'll want to consult with your doctor before starting or continuing your practice.  We recommend our SLOW and RESTORAVTIVE classes and ask that you inform each teacher that you are expecting.  We do offer Prenatal Classes so please call our Studio/Training Center 603-343-4116 or look at our website for more details.

How will I know which class is right for my child?

ChildLight Yoga offers classes for all age groups including Prenatal, Peace Baby Yoga, Bring Your Baby Yoga, Tot Itsy Bitsy Yoga, Little Family Yoga, Family Yoga, {pause} gentle yoga for adults and teens, My OmAbilities Yoga, along with different Retreats and Workshops.  For a detailed description of each class, retreat, or workshop offered please refer to our studio programs page on our website.  If you have any further questions call our Studio/Training Center (603) 343-4116.

What amenities does your studio offer?

Our studio has two restrooms (one is ADA-compliant), a kitchenette with a filtered water cooler (please bring your own water bottle), microwave, and refrigerator for your use. We also offer a boutique stocked with yoga mats, T-shirts, books, games, yoga mat bags, jewelry and more! 

I have never done yoga before.  Is this really for me?

Every {pause}Gentle Yoga or ChildLight Yoga class that we offer is designed for accessibility.  Everyone is welcome!  You may have an experienced veteran by your side or a beginner just like you.  The most important thing is that you come to class with an open mind and open heart. If you are new to yoga, please do let your instructor know so that he/she can modify class and assist you as needed.

What if I can't touch my toes?

That is why you are here!  There are no prerequisites to attend class.  No experience necessary and we don't test you at the end.  If increased flexibility is one of your goals, yoga will get you there.  Be patient with yourself.  Progress will be made.

I have back problems, knee problems, hip problems.... Is yoga for me?

{pause} gentle yoga was specifically designed for you in mind! Everyone is encouraged to practice and modify (with instructor guidance) for their unique abilities.  The combination of consistency and the postures will help to strengthen the muscles around your bones and joints to give you more support over time. In the meantime, listen to your body, your instructor and ask for assistance and modifications as needed.

How often should I practice?

It is recommended to practice at least 2-3 times a week.  If you can get here more often, go for it.  We do understand how hectic life can be.  Do the best you can and you will begin to notice changes both physically and mentally.

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What is your refund/cancellation/transfer policy?

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