For pre-crawling babies & their mothers

Mondays: 4/29/2013 - 6/10/2014 From: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Peace Baby Yoga

For pre-crawling babies (6 wks min) & their mothers or primary caregivers

Peace Baby with Gina_copyPeace Baby Yoga is a wonderful "Mommy & Me" experience focusing on nurturing both the parent and child. The class sessions are divided among time spent on gentle yoga postures for Mom, and beneficial yoga and infant massage for baby. Through gentle guided movement, massage, and song, parents will bond with their infant while encouraging emotional and physical development.


Guided group discussions will lead to further understanding of baby's development while building a supportive community. Peace Baby Yoga class is a safe place to share and connect with other new moms.


We are all moms- so soothing crying babies and feeding baby in class is the norm, and we have a private baby changing center if you need it. No prior yoga experience required.

Benefits for baby:
*physical stimulation aids in the development of the brain and nervous system
*mom and baby yoga promotes bonding and social stimulation
*baby yoga poses and gentle stretches aid in digestion, constipation and help relieve gas
*physical movement helps promote longer sleep stretches

Benefits for moms:
*gentle yoga stretches help relieve neck, shoulder and back pain common to new moms
*gentle abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening that is safe and effective for the postpartum period
*learn fun songs and ways to interact and bond with baby
*social interaction with other women at the same life stage


What to Bring/Wear:

Please bring a baby blanket and a small toy. Dress yourself and baby comfortably for gentle movement.


What you're saying:

"Michelle's genuine love for babies! I love all the yoga poses & her explanations of why we're doing them. I also love the sing-songy approach to them all." ~ Nicole V.

"Best part was spending quality time with my daughter during the first months of her life, connecting with other moms and not feeling so alone/isolated. The class also helped give me confidence as a new mom, by teaching me a lot of tools for dealing with a gassy/fussy baby."



Upcoming Classes

Time: 11:00-11:45

Tuition:  $88 for an 8 week session or Drop In $13
Terms and Conditions

Instructor:  Michelle James


FALL 2018 ~ Sept 26-Nov 14

WINTER 2019 ~ Jan 16-Mar 6

SPRING 2019 ~ Mar 27-May 15


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