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I Grow With Yoga Music CD
I Grow With Yoga Music CD

I Grow With Yoga Music CD

Award-winning children's singer & songwriter, Sammie Haynes and ChildLight Yoga founder, Lisa Flynn, have teamed up to create a lovely little CD for use in children's yoga class and beyond. A mix of original songs and new lyrics to familiar melodies make this CD a special treat for children, parents, school teachers, and instructors alike.

Sing along with the songs while following the movement cues for a fun and effective way to utilize the breath, while building self-awareness through yoga-based activities. Timeless messages of peace, community and self-love will warm your heart.

Vocals and music by Sammie Haynes. Young yogi back-up singers include Brooke Flynn (7), Lilly Whelan (6), Sophia DeCristofaro (5) and Mia Erdman (5).

Songs Include: • Hello There • Welcome Song • Breath by Breath • Warm-up Song • Butterfly Song • Listen, Listen • Walking, Walking • Alligator, Alligator • Big White Star • Row, Row, Row your Boat • Old MacYogi • Love in any Language • Yogi Has a Cat • Triangle Teapot • I Grow with Yoga • Little Fish • Go Do Yoga Rap Song • If I Were • Under One Sky • Goodbye for Now

Song lyrics and movement cues are included and will be emailed upon purchase.