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Kids Yoga Discovery

Kids’ Yoga Discovery is just that – a discovery of yoga, self and the world.  ChildLight Yoga classes engage children through movement exploration, music, theme-related games and inspired, yoga-play to capture their attention and their imaginations as they refine their physical, social and emotional skills.  Classes end with visual imagery and relaxation exercises, teaching children to quiet both mind and body.

During each 8-week session, CLY instructors focus on thematic ideas such as peace, respect, gratitude and healthy living, presented at an age-appropriate level, expanding upon them as children become capable of deeper awareness and comprehension.  As children complete classes and activities related to given themes, they earn unique pins to affix to their ChildLight Yoga mat bag (included in the one-time registration fee).  In this way children enjoy a sense of accomplishment and progression as they explore ideas related to a positive and healthy lifestyle. 

All of our sessions are appropriate for children who are new to yoga, as well as for those who are continuing their instruction.