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Once Upon a Mat DVD
Once Upon a Mat DVD

Once Upon a Mat DVD

Once Upon a Mat simply features Jessie (a certified yoga instructor) and her mat. Jessie engages your child in the yoga story, as she guides them through yoga poses and breath work. The distraction-free background is perfect for little yogis, allowing their adventure to go as far as their imagination will take them. Your child will experience exciting yoga adventures, including an African safari, a trip to outer space, and getting caught in a thunderstorm!

Once Upon a Mat helps children exercise their bodies and expand their imaginations. Your little yogi will become a part of this adventure through real yoga poses and guided breathing. Your child will love creating their own yoga adventure.

Once Upon a Mat contains 9 chapters. Each chapter is a complete 3-5 minute yoga routine. This DVD can be played from beginning to end as a full 33-minute yoga workout. Your child can also mix-and-match chapters to create a unique yoga story.

This children's yoga video is ideal for kids ages 2 1/2 to 7. Many kids ages 8-10 have enjoyed Once Upon a Mat. Because the DVD features real yoga poses, many parents enjoy following along with their children too. Once Upon a Mat makes a great addition to every family's exercise and fitness library.