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Pfilates Workshop: Pelvic Floor Pilates

Pelvic floor exercise is vital to treat or prevent pelvic floor issues in women such as incontinence, prolapse, etc. Pfilates or Pelvic Floor Pilates, created by uro-gynecologyst Bruce Crawford, is a revolutionary exercise program that uses 10 movements to effectively train and rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles. The combination of plyometric movements (as opposed to the isometric nature of Kegels) and the activation of secondary muscles, make Pfilates unique and highly effective. If you are pregnant or a mom who had a vaginal or c-section delivery (regardless of your child's age), this is a must-go workshop for you. The workshop will cover the basic anatomy of the pelvic floor and walk you step by step through the Pfilates movements which are safe and easy to do for any activity level.