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The Five Fingered Family
The Five Fingered Family

The Five Fingered Family

From the Punjab people of Northern India comes this lavishly illustrated, timeless tale of strength in unity. Papa Angulee and his family make up the five whose power lies in working together like fingers of a hand. When a very ugly troll tries to capture them, he becomes afraid of their united strength and gives them a treasure in exchange for his life. Everything goes wrong when a greedy neighbor decides to try his family's luck with the troll - and returns with a treasure far beyond jewels! Shakta Kaur Khalsa's interpretation of this ancient story brings an important message to modern families. Siri-Kartar K. Khalsa's illustrations combine the spontaneity and naturalism of Persian composition in 16-18th century Mughal paintings and an Indian sense of colour from Rajput 18th century miniatures.