GirlPowerment Yoga & Mindfulness

For girls ages 9-12


“Yoga and mindfulness for children promotes resilience, positive perceptions, good health habits and mindful awareness, empowering children to excel at school, at home and in life.” ~ Lisa Flynn, Founder and CEO of ChildLight Yoga and author of Yoga for Children.

Girls 9-12 years old get EMPOWERED during this uplifting and inspiring class experience! Girls will develop physical and emotional strength and a strong sense of self through the practice of yoga and mindfulness-infused activities, discussions and projects focused on self-reflection, self-care, body image and the influence of media and more. In a safe and nurturing space designed to cultivate connection and friendships, girls will be encouraged to think 'outside of the box' and find their authentic voice by learning about what it means to be a leader and standing up for what's right with a clear and compassionate voice. There will also be giddiness, play, and lots of laughter during this special session designed to encourage girls to be girls, together!


What to Bring/Wear:


Though we do have yoga mats available for use at the studio, it is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat to prevent the spread of germs. Note that we have GirlPowerment Pic 2018mats available in the boutique for $20. As well, please have your child bring along a refillable water bottle with a spouted lid. Dress for movement. Tights are not recommended.


FAQ: Why session based classes for this age group, versus drop-in?

We engage children in yoga practice in ways that are meaningful, appropriate, and inviting to them! This means our classes will look quite different from an adult yoga class (no experience necessary!) as we regularly incorporate music, creative movement, props, stories, games, etc. Children THRIVE on repetition, familiarity, and predictability and to honor this we unfortunately do not offer a drop-in option for Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids classes.

The session-based classes provide children with the opportunity they need to become familiar with the instructor, the group, and the routine established in class. This truly makes a difference in the atmosphere of the class and foster's children's confidence, participation, and overall well-being. If you find after a few classes that it's truly not a good fit for your family, please talk to the instructor or the office and we'll gladly work with you. We strive to make our young yogi's practice fulfilling for them!





Upcoming Classes

Tuition: $88 

Mondays, 5:00-6:00pm
INSTRUCTOR:  Michelle James


FALL 2018 ~ Sept 24-Nov 12

WINTER ~ January 14-March 4, 2019

SPRING ~ March 25-May 13, 2019


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