Yoga for Birth Workshop

For pregnant women and their labor support partners

Hands On Pregnant Belly

At Yoga for Birth, you and your birth partner will learn a very specific sequence of breathing techniques and yoga postures that are adapted to the physical and emotional changes of the different stages of labor and will enable you to manage contractions from a calm, meditative and controlled perspective.


Yoga for Birth is for women who are interested in educating themselves about childbirth and empowering themselves during their own baby's birth. This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to connect and work with your body to take you out of the experience of pain and connect you to the experience of giving birth.

Yoga for Birth SessionBenefits of Yoga for Birth:

• Faster labor progression as the yoga poses encourage the baby's movement into the birth canal
• Learn to remain focused and in control of your birth experience in a positive manner
• A deep mother-baby connection as they work together during labor
• Birth partners learn specific techniques to physically and emotionally assist the woman during labor

Yoga for Birth is open to women in their second or third trimester and their labor support partners.

What you're saying:

"I love the curriculum.  It was so nice to see how something that I love and trust so much (yoga) can be used in a time of complete unknown.  It will certainly be a source of strength for me during birth.  Thank you Darcy for sharing this with us.  She did a wonderful job explaining and modeling.  Being a doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and Yoga Birth instructor, I had complete trust in her." ~ Janine B.




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Instructor: Darcy Sauers

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Time:  1-4pm

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